The Citizen Report Card

The Citizen Report Card (CRC) is an annual publication of RGB which is produced to ascertain the levels of community satisfaction with regard to services rendered. Its purpose is to provide public agencies and policy makers with feedback from users on the quality and adequacy of public services delivered at the grassroots level. This mainly primary-data survey involves the usage of questionnaires to interview individual heads of households as well as conducting community focus group discussions of the service beneficiaries and service providers on each service sector.

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Citizen Report Card 2019-Kinyarwanda Version

Citizen Report Card 2018 - English (.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2018 - Kinyarwanda (.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2017 - Kinyarwanda (.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2016 - Kinyarwanda (.PDF)

 Citizen Report Card 2016 - English (.PDF)

 Citizen Report Card 2015 - Kinyarwanda (.PDF) 

Citizen Report Card 2015 - Kinyarwanda Incamake (.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2015 - English(.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2014 - Kinyarwanda (.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2014 - English (.PDF)

Citizen Report Card 2013 - Kinyarwanda (.PDF)

After the first publishing of CRC in 2010, the second edition came with the CRC 2012 with thematic focus on education, agriculture and livestock, local administration, justice, water and sanitation, health and land management. In total, responses were collected from 3,924 heads of households spanning the thirty districts of the five Provinces of Rwanda.